Monday, October 10, 2011

{red red Texas reds}

The annual Texas Reds Festival took place just up the road from us this weekend. Some go for the steak, some go for the wine. I go for the red.

Well, that and the free samples. Spicy shrimp-and-bacon meatballs took first place in free grub this year, followed closely by sausage-on-a-pretzel dipped in barbeque-and-cream-cheese sauce.

Our littlest food critic was thoroughly impressed, and received everything with a "nunga-nunga-nunga" (Tilly language for "give me more of what you've got"). We firmly believe that our visit to the Festival last year in June, while I was a full nine months pregnant, was what finally encouraged Tilly to join us in the real world. Either she wanted a grilled corn on the cob for herself, or she wanted a free hug from the shaggy barefoot Texan who has roamed the streets both years.


Anonymous said...

Great blog. Is this Tilly's first walk-on role? Those spicy meatballs sound delicious. Jenni