Wednesday, November 9, 2011

{outlook: cloudy}

Where I grew up, it was cloudy 364 days of the year. Grey clouds, black clouds, it's-about-to-rain, oh-wait-it-is-raining clouds. Even on sunny days, there were wispy white clouds, which often produced rain by the afternoon. But Texas is almost cloudless. There are a few days of ominous monsoon thunder clouds, and then the blue sky is wiped clean.

All that to say, I'm a bit cloud crazy at the moment. Whether it's missing the familiar clouds of England, or just feeling the need for soft fluffy things to lounge around with, I'm loving the way something wet and drizzly can become bright and beautiful. 


cathy@home said...

Lovely post and great clouds.

Anonymous said...

This is so imaginative, Astrid. I love staring at clouds and seeing weird dragons and hobgoblins chasing across the sky. The lovely felt mobiles are stunning. They really deserve to catch on. Perhaps you could write little story to go with them? Jenni