Friday, January 27, 2012

{a bad news, good news kind of day}

Bad news: Horrible lady at the post office refused to send my parcel for less than $8, when it would normally cost $2.50. Apparently, it was a millimetre too thin.

Good news: Didn't cry. A different postal worker would send it for $2.50, and promised to give the other lady a "good talkin' to".

Bad news: Broke down on the highway for the second day in a row.

Good news: Didn't die, for the second day in a row.

Bad news: Estimated cost just to "check out" the car -- $96.

Good news: Warranty.

Bad news: Two hours with Tilly in a car dealership while they fixed my engine.

Good news: Giant balloon clusters.

And let's face it, any day that involves giant balloon clusters is a pretty good day.


Jenni said...

Just goes to show, there's a silver lining (or white balloons) in every cloud!

Kaytie @ GardenKitchenHome said...

Such a great outlook! I'll remind myself to take that attitude more often :)

Terri said...

Just spent some time catching up on your blog. Ugh, what a day! I am impressed with your positive outlook. I love the pom pom game too! I'm wishing I had the supplies to talk Michael into playing a game with me after we put the kids to bed :)