Tuesday, January 24, 2012

{how to have fun and learn nothing}

We are in quarantine, keeping our coughing, snotty mess of a life to ourselves. To celebrate our fourth day of seclusion, we turned to the humble pompom for entertainment.

It was supposed to be an exercise in colour sorting. But who wants to put things into muffin tins when it's so much fun to tip them out?

So, we invented a game. 

All you need is pompoms, a funnel and a muffin tin. 

Once you've got the hang of it, you have to come over and play it with me, because really, Tilly and Bella aren't much competition. And I need a challenge. (Well, or a dose of reality)


Jenni said...

What a hoot! I should copyright that game...it looks like a winner. Hope the "quarantine" ends soon so Tilly can keep up with her social engagements and try out this game with her pals!

Katie said...

Love this! Might have to have a go with my wee boy - I have a feeling he'll love it!

Bec said...

Seriously, get an agent this game is great your on to a winner :)