Tuesday, January 10, 2012

{paper cut lyrics}

Who's that over there, taking photos of the rubbish bin? Why, that's me, of course...

Through real-life eyes, I loved how the wood around some of the letters had chipped off, making the text look like a paper cut. Once I ran the photo through a grueling marathon of Camera+ effects, I loved how the letters seemed to glow, like Elvish letters thrown into the fire. One bin to rule them all... 

Anyway, it reminded me of a post over at The Fable of the Table a few weeks ago, showing how you can make your own virtual designer paper cuts, courtesy of Victorinox

I ran a couple of favourite song lyrics through their very fast paper-cut-erizer, and loved the results. Totally inspired to whip out a knife and start slicing up some paper. Well, that, or whip out Photoshop and use these to make some prints, minus the Christmas trees and company logo.

(Lyrics by Mumford & Sons, and Paolo Nutini)

Pop on over and have a go -- I'd love to see what you make with it!