Wednesday, January 4, 2012

{b is for birthday}

This week, we celebrated Justin's birthday, with an all-day tribute to his favourite foods, and a few little handmade surprises. 

Tilly got in on the fun, and completed this "portrait" card of Justin -- multi-coloured eyes and a shining orange halo. He loved it! 

She also dictated her message to him -- I tried to convey her intonation as best as possible, but she felt that some words needed a little colourful emphasis. 

And, as a little last-minute pressie, I put together this alphabet T-shirt. It makes more sense if you know that earlier that day, Tilly had been fixated on trying to read Justin's "Run for Compassion" T-shirt -- the text on which is curled and slightly gothic. She couldn't make out any of the letters, and Justin remarked that he'd like to have a shirt which simply had the alphabet printed on it. 

One trip to the craft shop, twenty-six iron-on decals, and four hours of ironing later (yes, the "60 second" recommendation in the instructions was a little off), voila...

Although it is primarily for Tilly's benefit, Justin loves the fact that it brings them closer... literally, as Tilly leans in, peers at the letters, and then proudly exclaims "A!" "A!" "A!" while poking Justin in the chest! So, happy birthday to Justin, who fills our lives with love, happiness, and now, the alphabet.


Jenni said...

What a great pressie! It's a real winner, Astrid. A unique gift for Justin and Tilly's going to learn her alphabet in double quick time.

joe.peebles said...

I like that the right side of the shirt spells GNU. A happy birthday to Justin!

Merja said...

I love that card!! So awesome. We have daddy's birthday coming up so I might just use that same idea and get our little messer colour it. Truly inspiring! Cheers

M'Lynn said...

I love the tshirt and how it connects them! So sweet...happy birthday Justin!