Wednesday, January 4, 2012

{a year of graces}

This year, I got myself a free little calendar, with space to fill in one good thing about each day -- a moment of joy, a small, beautiful something. You can print your own over at Ann Voskamp's site.

 I love the simple photos that accompany each month -- a nice reminder to be thankful for the eggs in your fridge, or the view from your window.

Also nice is that if you do forget one day, it's really rather easy to go back and fill in the days before (as I did ten minutes ago...). So far this year, I've been grateful for:

  •  a New Year's Eve that reminded me that you can still have great nights with friends after you have children, 
  • a bit of last-minute inspiration that turned into a make-it-the-night-before birthday present for Justin, 
  • and a day of enjoying all of Justin's favourite foods -- chocolate chip waffles, Taco Tuesdays at Rosa's, macaroni and cheese with bacon, and finally, peanut butter brownies (and we'll shortly be enjoying time at the gym to pay for all that...)

Hope there's been lots of joy in your year so far, too!


missbmckay said...

Thanks for this. I am going to download it right now. I'm hoping to put last year in a great perspective looking forward into this year. YAY!