Thursday, June 7, 2012

{texas in bloom}

A little glimpse of our flower bed, happily growing and blooming.

The giant coneflowers were for Mother's Day just a few weeks ago -- huge and daisy-like, with petals that fold back and down to make unusual cones. The garlic, we have yet to work out if we'll actually be able to eat, but the flowers are nice nonetheless! The borage -- only just sprouted -- came back with us, as a packet of seeds, from England, and should give lovely blue flowers to put in our summer drinks. The achillea only came in packets of "mystery colour" and so I'm rather pleased to see it coming out white.

Patiently waiting for the next planting season, we have fennel, marigolds, nasturtiums, "demon" peppers, Thai basil, and red spring onions... and I'm dreaming of a big purple buddleia to bring in some serious butterfly action!


Jenni said...

Great to see your seeds are proving so productive and colourful. Success breeds success!

Loreal said...

Looks beautiful!

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