Saturday, April 27, 2013

in progress: colour string theory

An upcoming project required me to spend yesterday evening cutting several hundred 5" squares, in (almost) every colour of the rainbow. And left over, at the end of each strip, these odd little scraps, very thin and all 5" long. Ordinarily, they'd all be swept into the bin, but at the moment I'm on a bit of a mission at to find a use for every last inch of fabric.

And so, rather than join the hoards of homeless scraps, these skinny little strings got pinned, in colour order.

Once they were pieced into groups of six, though, I laid them out and the neatly ordered spectrum was rather than less inspiring. I tried a few arrangements, and settled on simply skipping over the yellow section.

In true string-fever fashion, this little mini-quilt is stuffed with a dozen strips of batting, cut off the edges of larger quilts over the past few months. And now for some totally over-the-top quilting to hold it all together...