Saturday, May 4, 2013

life, squared

I am a square, and you are a square, sewn together by red thread. 

Sometimes we forget that we only need to fit together along one side. One square cannot complete all the sides of another. It's geometrically impossible, without enveloping the other. We don't need to be the same colour or the same pattern; we can be total opposites and that's okay, too. We're just two squares, in the end, and we alone do not make the design. 

This morning is a square and the words you said yesterday at breakfast are a square and what happens tomorrow afternoon will be a square, and all we have to do is run our fingers over them and appreciate that they are here, no matter whether we think they fit. They are sewn to us. We are sewn to them. We are sewn to each other and to the people we love and to people who don't know us and to the people next door who climb their trees and throw pinecones over the fence at us. We cannot unpick our seams. Nor should we try.


Mandie Segura said...

This is great!

Red Red Completely Red said...

Thanks, Mandie! Clearly, my brain thinks in "patchwork" at the moment! ;)

Jade Prosser said...

I've been reading your blog backwards tonight, and I just had to comment on this one post especially although they have all been wonderful. There is something so beautiful (and truthful) about the way you described our life in squares. This whole post is just awesome. Thank you for sharing such a lovely thought aloud. You have a way with words.