Friday, February 12, 2010

Tilly's Play Mat, and a Big Bottomed Beaver

Before I even had time to show you the fabric I had piled up for my next project, it was finished! I definitely think I've caught the quilting bug. This is a little play mat for the baby:

The pattern was from Lotta's Simple Sewing for Baby, again, and really was just as simple as promised! One of these days, I'll learn to cut in a straight line, but until then, I'm enjoying the 'handmadeness' of it all!

A little pocket in one of the corners, for an emergency cloth, or a Wupert Wabbit:

And, I couldn't resist dressing Fatty McBeaver up in one of my cute-cute-completely-cute cloth nappies and having her model. Hopefully Tilly's teeth will come in a bit straighter than poor Beaver's!

Oh, and when I showed it to Justin, he pointed to one of the squares of my favourite spotty batik fabric, and said "Oh no, the colour got all messed up in the wash!"

Um... I guess the batik look isn't for everyone!


Teddy Started It said...

I'm all about embracing the 'handmadeness' - although it's been difficult for the perfectionist in me. (I'm doing my best to totally repress that personality - especially the more I become involved in kid arts.) I love the emergency pocket, and the crack about the batik being bleeding in the wash. Too funny!

Loreal said...

Quilt looks great, and I love the diaper on Fatty! (Now could you please come to my house and help me get some crafts done?! ;-)