Wednesday, June 16, 2010

39 Weeks

Some days feel quite clouded over by
sore feet
sore legs
and uncontrollable grumpiness

but we try to remember that the clouds are parting
slowly, each day
and the bright life of Tilly
will soon come shining through.


Jill said...

gorgeous photo :)

Jadyn said...

Reading the title made me realize that you're almost 10 months pregnant at this point. I love your little poetic tribute to this moment with its honesty. You, my dear, are such an inspiration. I do hope for you that Tilly will make her grand entrance soon.

Anonymous said...

Oh Astrid I so remember this feeling and am thinking of you and sending you a hug. You are on a countdown now though - how long do they let you go over your due date where you are? When I got to my dute date I knew that within 14 days I would be meeting my little girl -14 days is all they let you go over in the UK. After 9 long months, only 14 days felt do-able. Then she showed up 3 days later...P.S. you are allowed to be cranky.