Tuesday, June 15, 2010

You're Just My Cup of Tea

And the teapots are done...

I really enjoyed the freehand, raggedy-edge style of embroidery that gives the teapots definition, while letting the fabric have a bit of character. Thank you, thank you, Tine Wiggens, for the inspiration.

Of course, while stitching, it only felt right to have non-stop tea on the go. De-caf, yes, but it still somehow manages to keep me going. Perhaps the energy boost is in my head.

I pulled out my lovely "Rainbow of Stitches" book to find a manageable alphabet style for the lettering. Their art deco script --just using back-stitch, so easy!-- was perfect.

I searched for a long time to find a suitable quote. Originally, it was going to say "Tea Time", but I thought I'd get a bit bored of that after a week or so.

There was a lovely saying I found, "Bread and water can so easily be toast and tea," which almost won out, but that did seem like quite a lot of words to squeeze into a small space, so we ended up with the simple, romantic "You're just my cup of tea."

Or, as my dear husband likes to read it: "You're Justin my cup of tea!"

A quick iron, and Justin got them up and hanging on the wall just in time for our friends coming over last night. Team work!

And one of the loveliest things I'm finding about a project that uses so many different scraps of fabric is that it recalls all of the other things I've made. There's a bit of material from Justin's tiger quilt, a bit of Remington's shirt, a bit of Felicity's boots, plenty of Tilly's playmat, our placemats, a couple of our positive-thinking hearts, the family heart, and lots of well-loved clothing from both Justin and I. It's like a little display of memories in tea cup form!


Jan said...

They look just perfect! I love them! So heartwarming with all the different bits of fabric.
Maybe you'll have some news today.

Loreal said...

Awww, I love them =)

Beth said...

Super cute!

Tine said...

Astrid! It is gooorgeous!!! So neat and lovely your teapost and cups. I had some planned to do myself but they are still existing only as little thumbnail sketches in my sketchbook at this point. But now YOU are inspiring ME!!!!