Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Doggie Placemat

It's about time Bella got something made for her. Well, that's what I think she was trying to tell me when she bit poor Baarney's arm off a few days ago. Unfortunately, there's really no point in making toys for her, as she's got a gold medal in stuffing-ripping. So, instead, she got something useful. (Can you hear her groan?) A placemat.

It really was the easiest twenty-minute project. I took the manky old white towel which had previously been under her bowl to catch drips, and a piece of doggie-related fabric I found in Walmart's scrap pile, and cut 10x14" rectangles out of each. (Two rectangles from the towel, if your dog is a splasher, like Bella)

Then, with the doggie fabric face down, and the towels face up, I pinned it all together, and machine stitched all around, about 1/4" from the edge, leaving a good 4" gap on one side.

I turned it inside out, through the gap, so that the right side of the fabric was on top, and slip-stitched the opening closed. Now, ideally, one would top stitch all around the edge again to keep it together, but I wasn't sure that Grendal (my mean green sewing machine) was up to all that towel, so I just machine stitched around some of the details in the fabric. Very basic quilting, you could call it.

Bella was overjoyed to have something made just for her, and got right down to trying to chew on it. What a beast!


Loreal said...

Super cute. I'm sure Bella loves it =) Justin will be excited to see all the things you've made while he's been gone!

Jadyn said...

So cute! Bella is such a lucky dog! I love the innocent puppy face in the last photo - You mean, I'm not supposed to eat my new toy? I can't even touch it? Come on...