Friday, June 3, 2011

{to top it off}

In my search for ideas for birthday crowns, I came across these beauties. Each one seems so full of personality -- just like the birthday boys and girls, I'm sure. 

This fabric crown, by Cupcakes for Clara, was made for another little Matilda! The flowery prints are lovely, and I really like the font of the embroidered 'm'. Typewriter meets thread -- I love it.

This felt crown, by Floating World, has that great border around the bottom. I've got a bit of Russian Doll twill tape that might do the same job perfectly. Plus, I love any excuse to practice the chain stitch my Mum taught me last Christmas!

And this sweet little crown by Chasing Cheerios is a lovely way to show the age -- with a single candle on the cupcake. And it would be very simple, the next year, to stitch on a second candle to continue the tradition.

Tilly's crown was inspired by all three -- a felt section in the middle, but with fabric sides (which, incidentally, match her party dress, so this year she'll be a super coordinated little birthday girl).

I usually stay away from using initials, because I can never decide whether to use an 'M' for Matilda or a 'T' for Tilly. But I loved the other Matilda's crown so much, I couldn't resist adding a letter, and a typewriter's 'm' looks much better than a 't' in the same font. So, it was decided -- she'll be Matilda for birthdays.

Tilly tried it on, just a minute ago, so I could check it fits, and was so excited to wear it. Usually, when I put any sort of hat on her, she grabs madly at her head until the offending article until either it comes loose or until it gets stuck over her eyes and I take pity on her, but amazingly the crown was left untouched! Let's see if she can leave it in place when it comes time for birthday photos...


Jadyn said...

I love how Tilly's crown came out! I look forward to seeing photos of her wearing the crown & dress together, she is going to be one well-dressed birthday girl!

aracne said...

I love the idea of the crown, will you make one for my birthday?

Taylor Made said...

Such a great sister has always done the birthday crown...mine are just out of the age range to pass off now. You have done a great job.