Thursday, June 2, 2011

{progress report: birthday}

Can it be? My list of things left to make for Tilly's birthday is getting rather short, even with the addition of a load of extra projects that I simply couldn't resist! And it seems all of my birthday craziness has inspired Justin -- he's great with movies, and is working on putting together all of the video clips I've shot over the year to make a compilation. I can't wait to see all those funny little moments again!

So, as a little recap, these are all completed:

(felt badge)

These are still left to do:
(marking lines on Tilly's patchwork growth chart)

And these will have to be done on the big day:
  • take a photo of Tilly with her favourite toy
  • do something at 7.23pm
  • have her colour a picture (from this idea)
  • take a photo in a photobooth 
P.S. If any Bryan/College Station locals know where we can find a photo booth, I'd be very grateful! Is there one in Post Oak Mall?