Tuesday, June 7, 2011

{under the covers}

When we bought Tilly her bedding, many many months ago, I insisted we just buy her one duvet cover. I mean, two rectangles of fabric stitched together -- how hard could that be to sew myself?

It turns out, the hard thing isn't the design. It's getting round to actually making it. Many many months passed, and finally, looking for a new excuse to patch fabrics together, I came up with this design.

A reversible duvet cover, with a thin strip of patchwork near the top, to make it pretty. Finally, putting to use some of the beautiful fabrics my Mum bought for Tilly in Beijing's fabric market.

And how nice it is to have two duvet covers for Tilly. Trying to get one washed and dried in between naps is just too tight of a time frame!

P.S. I'd be happy to post a little how-to, if anyone's interested, with the measurements for an infant duvet cover. Just let me know. I'm also planning on making a cover in a similar design for our bed, if I can find two cheap flat sheets to play with.


Justin said...

I think you should make a big one for our bed.

I would love to sleep under it every night!

Emmy @ the student/teacher said...

So cute!! (The baby and the duvet). :-)

Jadyn said...

Lovely duvet! And great photos of little Tilly enjoying her new duvet, too! I'd be interested in learning how you did it. xx

Astrid said...

Thanks! Tilly seems very grateful for her clean sheets, which is nice! Yes, I'll be sure to write up a little tutorial, perhaps with adult sizes added in :)