Saturday, February 8, 2014

joy: a finished quilt

 photo DSC_00402.jpg

I love making things for other people, but this one... this one's for me.

 photo DSC_00422.jpg photo DSC_0051-1.jpg

In case you'd like to make your own, here are the instructions I followed for the blocks: 5.5" Economy Block Tutorial. Time consuming, but a lovely way to make the most of your most beloved fabrics.

 photo DSC_0096.jpg
 photo DSC_0079-1.jpg


Blueberry Park said...

that face...gorgeous! as the quilt isn't bad either ;) x

Ingrid Duffy said...

Such a beautiful quilt …I was so relieved to see there was barbed wire between you and that Longhorn! That has to be your best ever backdrop.

Anna Lloyd said...

love it! Well done, you have showed off Leslie's designs perfectly.

Kylie said...

Such a fabulous quilt!

AnnMarie said...

Love, love, love your quilt and the backdrop. Way cool!

Tiina said...

Wonderful quilt! Just found my way to your blog and will start reading more, your thoughts about time and creativity were very well written.