Tuesday, February 4, 2014

tutorial: dotty valentines

Every year, I'm amazed by the thoughtful Valentine's cards that the kids' friends give -- sweet photos, sweet puns, sweet sweets. It gets a bit stressful trying to think of something with the same wow-factor to give in return, so this year, we've just kept it simple and handmade -- plain card, stickers and a hole punch. A card that is easy to make in large quantities -- and easy for little hands to join in making, at all stages.

 photo DSC_0062.jpg

You'll need: 
plain card
a hole-punch
a paper cutter (optional)
stickers or coloured pens
  photo DSC_0066-1.jpg  photo DSC_0068.jpg  photo DSC_0074-1.jpg  photo DSC_0114.jpg photo DSC_0082-2.jpg  photo 10fb7144-5e93-49f6-9799-469f0d925998.jpg  photo DSC_0088-1.jpg
 photo DSC_0097-1.jpg
 photo DSC_0107.jpg

I told Tilly what I was writing on the front of each card, but in true toddler fashion, she insisted the saying was, "I'm dotty JUST LIKE you." So we put that on a couple of cards, too, to give to her unashamedly crazy friends!