Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Justin's away in Denver this week, and so I'm turbo-quilting in an attempt to get his shirt-fabric quilt finished before he gets back! So far, so good. All 64 rectangles are cut out, and half are sewn together. Here's a little taste of the fabrics:

On Sunday, I got a frantic call from poor Justin to say that he was really upset that he'd forgotten to pack the Family Heart I made him to take on his travels. Of course, I hadn't expected him to remember it! I'd wrapped it in a T-shirt at the bottom of his bag, and he was so pleased to find it later on that night. But it was lovely to know that he does see some meaning in it!

Back to quilting... I can get another row sewed together before work!


Loreal said...

Awww, how sweet that Justin missed his heart. Good luck on the quilt, can't wait to see it!!