Monday, June 14, 2010

My Weekend in Numbers

Number of babies delivered: 0

Number of tea cups cut and sewn onto linen: 20

Number of times I've felt it might be time to go to the hospital: 0

Number of episodes of The Office watched: 9

Number of teapots cut and sewn: 2, with the third in progress right now.

I keep thinking that the next crafty project I start is the one I won't be able to finish. I'm not supposed to finish the teapots, or the tea cups. I wasn't supposed to finish the scrapbook of Tucson. And before that, I wasn't supposed to finish the foxes or the fabric hearts or the mobile. And though I'm rather glad to have all these lovely finished things, rather than having them piled in progress around the house, I am really looking forward to the project that I'll have to put aside and leave in pieces while we rush off to have Tilly.


Anonymous said...

It's frustrating being this side of the birth, I know. But the biggest project of your life isn't quite finished yet - she'll let you know when she is though. Before you know it, you'll wonder what life was like when you had time, as you do now. She will come, just try to inhale the space and time you have around you and be in this moment. Welcome to parenting - what you want isn't necessarily what happens :) Hugs xxx

Loreal said...

WOW! Can you post some pictures of your finished Tucson scrapbook, please?? I'm sorry you're having to wait so long to meet Tilly! But I'm also glad that Tilly is waiting so that you won't have to wait so long for you mum's wonderful help after Tilly's arrival =)

Jill said...

Astrid - Tilly is waiting for just the right project to come along ;) Take care! xoxo, Jill

Jill said...

oh, and i love the teacups/teapots!

Francesca said...

Dear Astrid,
enjoy this time of waiting and surprise: it's a good exercise cause parenthood is going to be like this from now on... Those little suckers always, always find a way to make something exceptional and new every day!
xoxo, Franci
Ps your crafty projects are wonderful!!!

abby try again said...

I adore all of these little teacups :)
Thanks for stopping by my blog.
I am excited to be watching your journey into motherhood-good luck with everything!